Bioteque specializes in providing the finest gynecological products available today. We have been designing, developing, and distributing the most cost-effective OB/GYN products since our incorporation in 1992. Our efforts have resulted in a satisfied customer base that has grown remarkably over the past 28 years. With a beginning in Pennsylvania, Bioteque has expanded its operations globally.

Bioteque's™ OB/GYN product inventory is comprehensive. We supply a complete line of PESSARIES with FITTING SETS, VAGINAL DILATORS, ENDOMETRIAL and MUCOSAL SAMPLING DEVICES, CERVICAL DILATORS, HSG CATHETERS, ASPIRATION SETS, DISPOSABLE SPECULUMS, and a variety of LEEP ELECTRODES and accessories. We also offer all types of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS from German quality to economical floor grade.

Our computerized ordering and shipping system allows orders to be shipped on the same day so our customers can maintain their patient schedules.

Bioteque has exclusive manufacturing capabilities and our products are fully compliant with Food and Drug Administration ,CE Mark, and ISO13485. Our pessaries are made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone. There is no LATEX in any of our products. Please note that our Gehrung, Hodge and FlexiShelf pessaries each contain metal.

We encourage you to browse Bioteque's website and welcome the opportunity to serve your needs. You can reach us by phone M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST. Call us on 1-800-889-9008, or FAX us anytime 1-408-526-9399.

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We design, develop and distribute the most cost effective OB/GYN & Urological Medical Devices.



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